Thursday, 13 October 2011

List Responsibilities that can run a certain Concurrent Program

This little SQL lists all responsibilities that have access to run a certain Concurrent Program.
select rg.request_group_name, rt.responsibility_name
from fnd_concurrent_programs cp
, fnd_request_groups rg
, fnd_responsibility r
, fnd_responsibility_tl rt
where cp.concurrent_program_id = rgu.request_unit_id
and rgu.request_unit_type = 'P'
and rgu.request_group_id = rg.request_group_id
and rg.request_group_id = r.request_group_id
and r.responsibility_id = rt.responsibility_id
and cp.concurrent_program_name = 'PROGRAM_SHORT_NAME'
and rt.language = 'US'

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